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Guiding Towards the Artificial Intelligence

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Authors: Dr.S. Venkata Lakshmi, Dr. Praveen Kumar Balguri, Mr. Gunawan Widjaja, CH. Sarada Devi, Dr. Shiena Shekhar & Dr. A Vanathi

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This book is fit for anyone who wishing to learn more about the evolution, fundamentals, intelligent techniques with cutting edge  applications which is involved in the application of Artificial Intelligence for the betterment of societal needs with sophistication. Innovative techniques with aptable case studies to establish there business environment by using combat, razer sharp and state-of-the-art techniques which is involved to applied in various engineering, agricultural, medical, banking and business sectors to become global competitor in providing customer safety and security by using artificial intelligence concepts, someone who introduces to implement commercial, scientific, and technological discoveries to combat various technical glitch to provide alternative ways to ensure firm’s safety by solve a peculiar problem with scientific innovative approach by embodying them in various software house with new cutting edge business strategies to implement various cyber security concepts with recent artificial intelligence tools. And also provide Innovative idea for the betterment and benefit of the customer’s need and safety in business sectors. This book has made a small impact in understanding various fundamental concepts to combat various business ambiguity in implementing artificial intelligence fundamentals in engineering, medical and marketing sectors with real time case studies, that principally willing to utilize various Artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques to enrich their quality in customer friendly business sectors. This book gives robust impact on the various artificial intelligence techniques with ample
customer service development sectors, business strategies applications with typical case studies.





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