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Additive Manufacturing

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Authors: Dr. Venkateswarlu Alapati, Dr. B. Ramesh, Dr. S. Benjamin Franklin

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This book takes you on a comprehensive journey through the world of AM, providing in-depth insights into its principles, processes, and applications. Chapter 1 serves as our launching pad into the realm of AM. We begin by providing an overview of Additive Manufacturing, exploring its core components, and emphasizing the essence of creating objects layer by layer. We delve into the diverse techniques that fall under the AM umbrella, showcasing its versatility in single or multi-step processes. Guidelines for successful Additive Production are elucidated, setting the stage for a deep dive into the world of AM. The future of industry and Additive Manufacturing, predicting the synergistic integration of software development, artificial intelligence, and the potential of distributed production. The chapter culminates in a trio of illuminating case studies from the automobile, aerospace, and healthcare sectors, showcasing tangible evidence of AM’s transformative power.





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