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Advancement in Material Testing and Characterization

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Authors: Dr.D.Ramesh, Mr.Jagannath Pattar, Dr.Dhanesh Babu, Dr.Amol Mangrulkar, Dvvs B Reddy Saragada

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This book is fit for anyone who wishing to learn more about the Innovative techniques to establish their business by using combat, razor-sharp and innovative techniques which is involved to select a ample materials in various manufacturing sectors to become global competitor in production of consumer and armoury goods, someone who introduces to implement commercial, scientific, and technological discoveries to combat various physical barriers to provide alternative ways to solve a peculiar problem with scientific innovative approach by embodying them in manufacturing sectors with new cutting edge material selection and characterization strategies to implement various industrial revolution concepts. And also provide Innovative idea for the betterment and benefit of the customer’s need in production industries.





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