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Authors: Dr. L B Abhang , Mr.D.Suresh , D. Senthil Kumar , Dr. S. Kalaivani , Dr. Radha Naiavarapu


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The realms of robotics and mechatronics represent an
enthralling convergence of human ingenuity and technological
progress. These interdisciplinary domains have transcended their
initial conceptualization as mere engineering pursuits, evolving into
profound and dynamic fields that have, in many ways, reshaped our
understanding of the modern world. Robotics, with its essence deeply
rooted in the idea of creating intelligent machines capable of
mimicking or even surpassing human capabilities, has ventured from
science fiction to reality, becoming a ubiquitous presence in
industries ranging from manufacturing to healthcare and space
exploration. Mechatronics, on the other hand, represents the
harmonious amalgamation of mechanical engineering, electronics,
computer science, and control engineering, offering a holistic
approach to designing systems that seamlessly fuse mechanical
components with electronic and computational elements. Together,
these disciplines usher us into a world where the boundaries between
man and machine blur, and where innovative possibilities abound.
The story of robotics, a tale rooted in humanity’s fascination with
automata and self-operating machines dating back to ancient
civilizations, has undergone a dramatic transformation in the
modern era. The latter half of the 20th century witnessed the
emergence of industrial robots, which heralded a new era of
automation in manufacturing and production, significantly
enhancing precision and productivity. The subsequent decades bore
witness to exponential growth in the capabilities of robots, driven by
advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and sensor
technologies. Today, robots can autonomously navigate complex
environments, interact with humans, and undertake tasks once
deemed the exclusive domain of human dexterity and intelligence.





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