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Authors:Dr. B. Ramesh , Dr. G. Dilli Babu , Dr. J.V. Sai Prasanna Kumar , Dr. D. Apparao , Dr. P. Prabhu , Dr. S. Gopinath


ISBN: 978-93-6096-228-9-1 Category:
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Manufacturing Technology textbook is designed to provide
a detailed and in-depth understanding of various aspects of metal
cutting mechanics, turning machines, reciprocating machine tools,
CNC machines, and the programming of CNC machine tools.
The book covers a wide spectrum of topics starting from the
fundamentals of metal cutting processes, chip formation, and shear
zones, to the intricacies of cutting tool materials, thermal aspects,
tool life, and surface finish. It then delves into the specifics of
turning machines, including lathe characteristics, cutting tools,
various tool post types, and special attachments.
This textbook is suitable for undergraduate and diploma
students pursuing courses in mechanical engineering,
manufacturing engineering, and related disciplines. Additionally,
professionals and practitioners in the field will find this book to be
a valuable reference for expanding their knowledge and skills. The
inclusion of two marks questions at the end of book provides a
valuable resource for self-assessment and examination preparation.
We express our gratitude to all those who have contributed
to the development of this book. Special thanks to the authors,
researchers, educators, and industry professionals whose expertise
has enriched the content. We hope this book serves as a valuable
resource in your journey through the fascinating world of
manufacturing technology. Any unintended errors, mistakes,
omissions, and improvements of this book are most welcome.





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