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Authors:Mr. S. Soundararajan, Mr. C. Gogulan, Mr. K. Gobinath, Dr. G. Nallakumarasamy

ISBN: 978-93-6096-358-3 Category:
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In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing and
engineering, the realm of machining processes stands as a
cornerstone, continually pushing boundaries and redefining
possibilities. This comprehensive guide endeavors to navigate
the intricate terrain of machining, from the origins of
conventional turning to the frontiers of advanced nano-finishing

The journey begins with an exploration of mechanically energy-
bound processes, tracing their origins and evolution. From the

conventional axis turning to innovative approaches such as
hybrid machining, each method is dissected to unveil its
characteristics, capabilities, advantages, and limitations.
Moving beyond conventional boundaries, the narrative delves
into processes fueled by chemical, electrochemical, and
thermoelectric energies. Chemical machining, electrochemical
machining, and electrical discharge machining emerge as pivotal
players in this domain, their principles, equipment, and
applications dissected for a deeper understanding.

The narrative further unfolds into the realm of advanced nano-
finishing, where precision and innovation converge to redefine

surface perfection. Abrasive flow finishing, electrolytic in-
process dressing, and magneto-rheological finishing are among

the arsenal of techniques explored, each offering unique
solutions and challenges.
As the horizon expands, alternative hybrid machining methods
emerge, marrying disparate energies and methodologies to

unlock new realms of possibility. From integrated
electrochemical cutting to machining by electro-eroding/solvent,
each approach represents a convergence of tradition and
innovation, promising enhanced efficiency and precision.





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