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It is general information that electrical energy is used in a variety of
settings, and it is also common awareness that electrical machines
play critical roles in manufacturing and other STEM-related
industries. Because it is meant to assist both students and working
engineers and technicians, this book was prepared with both sets of
readers in mind: students and working professionals. The course
“Electrical Machines” is taught differently at various universities
and goes by a variety of different titles, including “Electrical
Machines-I,” “Electrical Machines-II,” “DC Machines and
Transformers,” “Electromagnetic Energy Conversion Devices,”
“Special Purpose Machines,” and so on. This section offers a
comprehensive discussion of the subject matter that is normally
covered in courses of this kind. This book highlights the
modifications that have been made to the curriculum at all
institutions, both in India and overseas, and those adjustments have
been made. In spite of the fact that there are a great many textbooks
devoted to this subject matter, the majority of students consider
Electrical Machines to be one of the most challenging academic
fields to study. Keeping this in mind, the content was developed in a
logical manner, with an emphasis placed on the essentials. Because
each chapter of the book has the required words, and because the
accompanying illustrations are distinct and simple to comprehend,
the majority of the content does not need much explanation.
Throughout the course of the book, several more examples, both
solved and unresolved, have been included as a means of assisting
students in their preparation for the numerous sorts of questions that
will be included on examinations. In order to facilitate consistent
learning and the retention of information, a portion of practice
problems has been included to each of the chapters. At the end of each chapter, there is a sufficient number of multiple-choice, short-answer, and test questions, as well as unsolved situations. These elements combine to make the book an independent educational experience. There is no pretension made by the author that they conducted ground-breaking research for the book. The published works of well-known authors have provided us with access to a wealth of materials, which we have used to a significant degree. The author, on the other hand, is certain that his presentation is quite systematic. In addition to that, he mentions that the text is written in a way that is easy to understand and digest. A claim of this kind, despite the fact that every effort has been taken to assure correctness, is unlikely to be true in light of the circumstances.





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