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Enhancing Trends in Advanced Materials and Technology

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Authors: Dr. B. Ramesh, Dr. J. Pasupathy, Dr. T. Karthikeyan, Dr. R. Seetharaman

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This study discusses “magic windows,” which may be 3D-printed on flexible material and form light patterns via the process of refraction. One is able to change both the shape and, as a consequence of this, the light texture that is created by the device by manipulating the strain that is given to the device. The operation of cryptographic magic windows may be shown with the help of these example light patterns, which may include micro-QR codes. These patterns are precisely projected and detected upon strain gating, but for devices in their as-produced form, they continue to be indecipherable. It is also possible to combine two magic windows in order to show the light pattern of a micro-QR code, with one of the magic windows functioning as the decryption key. This may be accomplished by pairing the magic windows together. Applications in lighting design, smart labelling, and encrypted communication may all benefit from the introduction of inventive, freeform components that have a three- dimensional shape and can be tailored to execute particular purposes. Other potential applications include.





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